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Rustic Fireplace


Base pricing

Base inspection     $300

Age of home         $2 per year

Square footage     $0.04 per ft.

Other pricing

Detached garage            $50 per bay (up to 300sq. ft.)

Outbuilding with electricity        $50 (up to 300 sq. ft.)

Outbuilding without electricity     $25 (up to 300 sq. ft)

in-law apt      $150

Complete yard inspection        $50

Canister air radon test       $100 plus return mileage  

Site inspections     $150 per visit  

For Example:

A 2000 sq. ft. house thats 20 years old will cost $420.00 for a basic inspection.

Please call for an accurate quote, pricing varies due to complexity, age, size, and other details of the home.

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